Hello Folks, My Name Syahrul Ramadhan

Student & Web Developer

If you want to buy without considering the price, then you must work without considering the time.

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Syahrul Ramadhan

About Me

Student of Electronical Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya

I am passionate about the field of computer science, particularly in web programming. I thrive on creating innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in web development

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I have several social media accounts below, so let's connect. I'm open to learning together, building networks, having fun, and anything else you'd like to do

Latest Project

This is the showcase of my project that I've made so far. There is a lot more, but I can't show it here. If you want to know much more, check my GitHub.


Landing Page PlanDuit

I'm currently working on the front-end development of the PlanDuit website. PlanDuit is product to calculate zakat and investation for personal use espcially for muslim


Slicing Website Goverment

I'm currently learn about next-js. This is a basic project implementation of next js on Dunia Coding course


This is the showcase of my certification that I've achieve so far.